Waterco’s Design Engineers are experienced in surface water (SUDS), foul and highway drainage design for both existing environments and proposed developments.

We design complete drainage solutions including:

  • detailed design drawings

  • rainfall run-off calculation packages for submission to the statutory sewerage undertaker for adoption (Section 104 Applications)

  • Section 104 and 106 applications

Using industry leading software such as MicroDrainage, InfoWorks and DHI Mike Urban, our surface water drainage designs include:

  • pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing systems

  • suitability and viability of soakaways

  • SUDS design (ponds, basins etc.)

  • details of how rainwater harvesting might be incorporated

  • flow control specification

  • oil interceptors for commercial developments /car parks

  • connections to existing systems

  • adoption liaison

  • details of discharges to watercourses and outfall design, including liaison with the relevant statutory consultee

  • interface with headwalls and culverts

  • Section 104 and 106 applications


  • Improve your chance of achieving planning consent

  • Avoid the costs of later design changes and additional planning applications

  • Reduce the risk of flooding to the site and surrounding areas

  • Improve local amenities, reduce the risk of local flooding, and increase biodiversity.

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