Sewer modelling - Waterco uses the latest MicroDrainage, InfoWorks and DHI Mike Urban software to establish the optimum drainage design. Drainage system modelling ensures that all drainage features including SUDS are optimised and correctly sized providing a cost-effective solution to the developer. Drainage system modelling also ensures that exceedance flows can be safely managed on site, ensuring minimal risk to property and life.

Surface water modelling - Surface water flooding can result from intense rainfall events that overwhelm drainage systems. Surface Water Modelling helps in understanding the areas that are vulnerable to surface water flooding.

This allows planners, engineers, water companies and local communities to implement appropriate drainage strategies and assess the implications for urban flooding and resilience, sewer network capacity, property flood protection pollution levels, and the resilience of transport and energy infrastructure.


Waterco is experienced in many types of hydraulic modelling, and

2D overland modelling to assess surface water flooding is one of Waterco’s principal services.


Where development costs appear to be prohibitive due to drainage problems, we review existing projects and scheme designs. We offer a technical audit service which provides an independent check on designs prepared by others.

With our design expertise and experienced engineers; we are all equipped to scrutinise any audit designs that are presented to us. This provides our clients with a trusted second opinion and peace of mind.

Audits help identify where improvements can be made to a scheme and, in some instances, save money. We can challenge SuDS Approval Bodies (SAB) if we consider the limitations placed on a development are unreasonable or inappropriate.

We have successfully challenged discharge rates for several schemes, using Computer Modelling to make the case for removing large storage volume requirements from a design - saving developers thousands of pounds.

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